Car Repair Plan

Car Repair Plan

As a Trust My Garage workshop we can help you when it comes to understanding the process for vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs. We can then help you split the costs over

Evaluate the costs of your vehicle’s requirements

In the same research, data showed that 27 per cent of drivers put off vehicle repairs due to cost worries – and one in four have actually scrapped or sold a car due to a repair they couldn’t afford! With any Trust My Garage member, you can ask for a cost estimate of any work undertaken and parts used on your vehicle. It’s even in our Customer Charter.

Plan for your motor’s future with the Car Repair Plan

Most people are likely to have some sort of savings in case of an emergency to help them out with unplanned costs and problems. Some have an expensive service plan in place for their car to save on some aspects of motoring. What we can offer through Trust my Garage is a Car Repair Plan. As a driver, you need to be able to budget for the costs of regular maintenance and sometimes repair costs.

We offer finance but if you’d rather save then the Car Repair Plan might be your answer. It allows you to shield yourself from unexpected repair costs by providing a free, easy and flexible way to budget for car servicing and repairs. You can even set up a family fund, so more than one person can put in money. You can use it on more than one vehicle. With the Car Repair Plan, a little bit of saving goes a long way!

You can use your Car Repair Plan fund at any participating Trust My Garage member – identifiable by the Trusty logo. Once signed up, you can transfer a little (or a lot!) every month into your account balance, so it’s ready to use when you need it. There is no set way to do this so you can alter the payment or take a break at any time. When you feel you have built up enough of a fund – it’s entirely flexible!

You can choose to use all or some of your account balance when settling your garage bill. The process is simple and straightforward. There are no extra costs or hidden charges, making everything as simple as possible for you as a customer.

But what if I move house ?

You can use this plan at ANY garage on the network, if you move or don’t. If you want to use some of your money to get your repairs done locally when you’re on holiday no problem.

If you’re in need of a local garage operating to the highest standards, Trust My Garage can help. With over 2,900 members across the UK, you’re never far away from a TMG member. Trust My Garage have even created a handy search function so you can locate your nearest TMG-approved garage with ease!

Simply visit and pop in your postcode, and use the ‘Find a Garage’ map will show you all the TMG members in your area! You can even read reviews from other customers if you’re unsure which garage is right for your needs. This useful tool makes locating a TMG member a breeze – and you know you’re using a garage that operates to a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code

Is my money safe ? A garage could close

Your money is not taken by a garage or held with them it is held in a Trust Account by the Retail Motor Industry Federation, the umberella body of the Independant Garage Association which has been in operation since 1913

If at any point you don’t want your account, close it and you get your money refunded in full.

What does it cost ?


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