Discovery 2 chassis swap

Discovery 2 chassis swap

It’s really difficult to give a guide figure for a chassis swap however there are some basic costs pretty much everything starts off with then the rest will be based on condition of the vehicle and the finish the client wants. Some want a bells and whistles full restoration and others a functional chassis swap

The average swap comes in £5500 – 6000 at the moment but we do have some cone in lower some higher

We use Richards Chassis as a full chassis supplier for the Discovery 2. We only give a direct swap fee based on their chassis products supplied by us. 

The current price for a Discovery 2 chassis is £2500 plus delivery exc VAT (correct as of July 2020)

So for a ‘normal’ chassis swap which involves removing a good condition body from the chassis, axles removed as a complete unit with arms, replacing brake pipes, we charge the set labour fee of £1295  exc for the Land Rover Discovery 2 plus parts required

This does not include any other restoration works or refitting ACE. Any vehicles with ACE need to be discussed prior to price being given. 

The best way to go through what you need and indeed what you want is a face to face consultation with the vehicle on the lift. If this isn’t possible a good set of images will give more of an idea than nothing 

A standard chassis swap tends to work as follows 

Day 1 of confirming your booking we order your chassis and you pay for it. Price will depend on what model and how quickly you’d like it. We can provide most Land Rover Chassis items within 48 hours but the supplier does charge a premium for this. 

Drop off the vehicle on the agreed date. Body is usually removed within 48 hours and at this point we will usually know any other parts it’s going to need

We will make you aware of what’s needed and what is recommended at this point. Parts costs will be given. The axles are removed complete likewise the transmission and engine so any additional labour costs involved to fit the parts will also be discussed

Collection usually within 7-10 days but we do recommend allowing for 2 weeks for a standard chassis swap

Payment for parts and labour made on collection