DPF Cleaning

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A Professional DPF Clean Can Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

For diesel drivers, taking care of your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter – or DPF – is a must. Here at Spanner Monkeys, we are proud to offer professional DPF cleaning that can really improve your vehicle’s performance. Your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter is designed to reduce the level of harmful emissions that your car produces. If you regularly take your car out on short journeys, then your vehicle’s DPF could be blocked.

Before long, this could have a knock-on effect on your vehicle’s overall performance, so it is essential that you book a professional DPF clean in Newcastle at your earliest convenience. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, be sure to book an expert DPF clean in Newcastle with a capable team like Spanner Monkeys.

How to Tell If Your DPF Is Blocked

If you notice an illuminated light on your dashboard, black smoke coming from your exhaust when accelerating, or that your engine is struggling to rev to high RPMS, then there is a good chance that your DPF is blocked. When your DPF is working correctly, your diesel vehicle can carry out passive regeneration on longer drives.

However, a blocked diesel particulate filter will struggle to do so – this could be the case for you if you regularly perform shorter drives or if your car has a fault. Your DPF will gradually become blocked as a layer of soot settles that cannot be moved during regeneration. Once your vehicle’s DPF is up to 70% full of soot, you will need to book a professional DPF clean in Newcastle with a skilled garage like Spanner Monkeys.

What Happens During a DPF Clean?

When you book a professional DPF clean in Newcastle, the Spanner Monkeys team will use the trusted DPF Doctor products to clean your DPF. If you suspect that your DPF is blocked – or you notice the relevant warning light is lit up – then you need to book a DPF clean as soon as you can. If you neglect to do so, then your vehicle will enter ‘limp home’ mode, which will limit your vehicle’s performance. Be sure to book an expert DPF clean in Newcastle with Spanner Monkeys before this happens to you. Know that we even offer local collection and delivery, so it couldn’t be easier to book a DPF clean in Newcastle with us.

Book an In-depth DPF Clean in Newcastle Today

DPF cleaning should only be performed by a competent, skilled garage in Newcastle like Spanner Monkeys. If your DPF is blocked, then this could mean that there are other related issues which need to be addressed. Our team will look into this for you, so that you can plan for the future of your vehicle’s health. When you book DPF cleaning in Newcastle with us, you can let us know of any requirements you may have for your vehicle. We will not ask you to pay until after the work is complete, by which time you are sure to be satisfied with the results. Book a professional DPF clean in Newcastle, and experience all that the Spanner Monkeys garage team has to offer today.