Modifications Upgrades – Trade In Your Old Mods!

So how does this work?

Quite straight forward …. if you want to upgrade to the next Air Tec Intercooler or fancy a set of coilovers instead of lowering springs you can trade in your old parts with us. Got a bolted in branded cage and want a full welded in no problem. Resonated system too quiet and want a non resonated? Of course we can do that. Got lift springs but want a full suspension set up? Why not….


When we’ve seen the item we’ll give you a no obligation quote on your new item with your trade in discount. You can even trade in unrelated mods so if you’ve got an old Cold Air Intake System and want a new exhaust we can do that too!

Drop us an email to, drop us a Facebook message, call 0191 4698740 or call in for more info or to discuss options


Please note this is for modifications only, we don’t offer trade in for standard parts