Parking your car for 3 months

How to store a car for 3 months

You may be able to reduce your insurance cover to fire and theft if appropriate

Fuel – top up the tank it’s less likely to take on moisture

If you have one attach to a mains-powered battery maintainer

Start once a week where possible – with the door open if garaged and leave running for 15 minutes or take for a short drive if still road legal

Check tyre pressures regularly

Clean and polish the car – cover if you have one

Brakes if you can securely chock your car you can leave the parking brake off. If not move it backwards and forwards when running the engine

Make sure the car’s dry if you’re storing in a garage

Consider a refund on your car tax by making a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)

If the car’s in a garage, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation