Electronic Parking Brake EPB Problems – Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport

Parking brake myths

Discovery 3 Parking Brake Module
Parking Brake Module Discovery 3 / Discovery 4 / Ramge Rover Sport

Often misunderstood and absolutely feared we hope to dispel some of the myths in this article, then maybe save you money in the longer term. Electronic parking brake modules are sometimes even the reason a Land Rover owner sells their car. We have heard of customers having 4 or 5 modules so far. This will tell you why it shouldn’t happen and they should consider changing their garage not their car

Parking brake modules are expensive but rarely fail entirely or need replaced. There you go we said it like we do really often over the phone To the point we have only ever replaced about 3, ever. They don’t just break and are not poor quality. Something we hear a lot is how poor the quality must be. If they were poor quality there would be far more with issues

What causes the fault ?

The fault is most commonly caused by badly maintained rear brakes and more often than not parking brake modules can be unjammed. So what can you do to prevent the need to replace the module ? If it starts becoming noisy stop using it and get it booked in before it does long term damage

The parking brake module is only part of a much larger system that makes the brakes work

Choose a workshop that understands how they work and how to resolve the problems. If you call somewhere and their first response is you need a new module, try somewhere else. Like us ? 0191 4698740

How do I prevent it happening ?

Consider getting your brakes serviced including removing the brake discs to clean down and check the discs, pads, brake shoes & fitting kit (the most common fail point) If you do drive in muddy areas you’ll need to clean down more often. The Land Rover recommendation for the electronic parking brake is it requires cleaning and resetting after 50 miles of off roading!! Yes seriously. This can include around dirty yards, stables and tracks

Very often we recommend servicing rear brakes and manage to find issues that would have caused a parking brake jam really soon. If you’re doing discs and pads consider shoes and fitting kit at the same time. You need to follow the reset process after cleaning and it doesn’t add a lot onto the cost

Never ever just replace a module without checking why it failed, you’ll just need to replace it again

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