Pair of Subaru Impreza Classic WRX AWD 1993 – 1998 DBA Front Brake Discs Vented Street OED 648E


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Brake Discs – Street OED Series


Diameter [mm]: 277

Height [mm]: 57

Thickness [mm]: 24

Minimum Thickness [mm]: 22

Inner Diameter [mm]: 58

Number of Holes: 5

Weight [kg]: 6

Pitch Circle Ø [mm]: 100

Disc Vent: V

DBA (Disc Brakes Australia)

Disc Brakes Australia – better known by their initials, DBA – are a highly-respected designer and manufacturer of top-quality high-performance disc brake rotors. Over four decades, their commitment to innovation and quality backed by intensive research and development has firmly entrenched DBA as a global player in the technology-driven world of superior disc brake rotor solutions. No matter what you drive – be it a daily-driver, 4WD, commercial vehicle, weekend toy or a track-only weapon – DBA’s range of disc brake rotors can truly enhance the stopping power of your car.

DBA – Technology At Work

From the beginning of a disc brake rotor’s manufacturing process at the foundry, right through to the final machining regimen, DBA have invested heavily in the know-how and infrastructure to create world-leading products. Their own proprietary cast iron formulation – known as XG-150 – is a carbon-rich creation that, when combined with another of their techniques, Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), results in extremely strong disc brake rotor castings which possess excellent thermal conductivity properties, just what you want in a disc brake rotor! The final step in production is another area where DBA excel via their use of Cubic Boron Nitriding (CBN), a refining process which leaves the disc brake rotor with a surface finish that is far superior to a conventionally-ground surface found on other rotors.

Superior Ventilation

DBA are perhaps best known for their “Kangaroo Paw” ventilation system. Instead of a series of straight vanes centrally located within each rotor casting, DBA’s patented method of using 144 Kangaroo Paw-shaped pillars as the central component of each rotor casting better ensures rotor temperatures stay within optimum range by more efficiently channeling air through the rotor core than straight vanes can. Not only do they enable better ventilation, the Kangaroo Paw pillars also give better support to the friction surfaces of the rotor enabling better performance, strength and stability whilst also providing more thermal mass than a rotor with straight vanes, boosting efficiency and performance even further.

Street Series OE Direct Replacement

DBA’s range of Original Equipment (OE) Direct Replacement disc brake rotors have been designed to not only meet but indeed surpass the requirements of vehicle manufacturers across the globe and are perfect for use in all types vehicles which experience normal, everyday conditions the average motorist might encounter. Additional reasons for choosing DBA OE Direct Replacement disc brake rotors include the aforementioned CBN surface finish treatment which means a better interface between rotor and brake pad than you’ll get with other rotors. Certain models of DBA OE DIrect Replacement disc brake rotors come with Kangaroo Paw ventilation and/or DBA’s new ‘En-Shield’ treatment, a baked-on protective coating that keeps the entire rotor free from corrosion without contaminating the brake pad surfaces!

Drive Style Suitability

  • Daily Driver
  • Commerical
  • 4WD Towing