Undersealing, Waxoyling, Rustproofing, Rust Prevention – what will they call it next ?

One of the services we offer people often call undersealing, rust proofing, rust prevention, wax oyling and many other things

We prefer rust prevention

Rust is like a nasty little worm that eats metal, we can never stop it all together, but we can help slow it down. This is why we prefer rust prevention.

We have access to many products and a really popular one at the moment is Buzzweld. As Buzzeld have a large amount of products for a lot of applications we have been a treatment centre for a while now. Subsequently we get asked a lot about DIY applications.

The most important part of any treatment is preparation. Spanner Monkeys start with a steam clean. The vehicle is then allowed to dry naturally for as long as it takes. When we are asked why it takes so long, that’s one reason. Weather dictates how quickly it dries so most of our underbody treatments are done in the summer months. 

Steam cleaning gets off most of the grime and day to day dirt. The next step depends on the car condition. Most often it’s removing treatments or rust already on the vehicle as much as possible. If not it’s to key the surface.

roloc wheels paint rust

Some of our favourite products to use include Roloc nylon discs. The discs remove paint, rust and ground in debris without excessive damage. They are more expensive but because of the composition are safer while being tough and effective.

We do of course supply Buzzweld for you to do your own vehicles and can supply these abrasives if you’d like to prepare your car in this way. Give us a call to discuss the best products for your vehicle 0191 4698740

tin foil - top tips

The next favourite has to be tin foil! Laugh as much as you like, this stuff works. It looks like you are about to oven bake it of course. You can mould it round exhausts, hubs, brakes, pipes, whatever you need to keep treatment away from. It doesn’t fall off, it’s inexpensive and less of a faff than plastic film for underneath
We then wrap the rest of the car carefully in film, Topgun brand as used in bodyshops is our favourite. It clings to the car which is useful, then it’s taped to itself rather than the car.

So it's all done, yeah?

Not quite. We can’t turn back time, or remove every bit of rust without removing your parts & blasting back to metal. This is why we recommend an annual check and top up as required. This can be booked in with your service / MOT with us. You can do this at home or we can do this for you.

We do expect some to come off especially underneath the rear of the vehicle and crossmember areas. Mud, rocks and the dreaded salt will still attack coatings. Like everything it comes down to how it’s maintained and how many miles you do. You do need to keep it clean but of course don’t use a close up pressure washer as this will remove the coating. Clean yes, pressure no!