Stainless Steel Exhausts

We now offer fully custom Stainless Steel Exhausts

All exhausts are made using 304 steel, including the boxes and tips, using stainless steel flanges unlike some competitors meaning we are confident enough to put a life time warranty on all exhaust systems made by us

We have a wide range of boxes, tail pipes and more for you to choose from in various sizes

Our experienced staff qualified in welding and fabrication will discuss with you what sound & style you wish to have and create the best possible exhaust system to match those expectations

For those with classic, modified or custom vehicles where an exhaust may be difficult to obtain or expensive let us build you a system with life time warranty for less than you would usually pay ‘off the shelf’ 

Back Box with Tail Pipe from £169

Catalyst back single box systems from £299

Send us an email to info@spannermonkeys.co.uk or telephone 0191 4698740 for a quote


Exhaust Warranty Details