Buzzweld Application Centre

Buzzweld Application Centre’s will never simply wash and apply your products, or ask you to be careful of your brakes once you collect your vehicle.. (yes this does happen)

Underbody is inspected, cleaning and stripdown takes place depending on vehicle, and only Buzzweld Authentic coatings are used

Wax Centre’s do not, and will not form a part of the Buzzweld Application Centre network

Base Guideline prices to include Chassis Cavities done in Zero Prep (Based on Land Rover Defender 90) excludes floors, axles etc and cleaning, for a bespoke quote including cleaning or descaling need please get in contact

WAR                                                                              £550

WAR+ Primer**                                                          £650

CIO                                                                                £700

CIO+ Primer**                                                            £775

2K Armour      POA

Lizardskin POA

Individual Components POA

All prices exclude VAT

Please keep in mind prices will vary by your vehicle, product selected and area’s to be refinished/ protected

**Primer will vary depending on time of year.  This will usually be Rust Encapsulator.